Upcoming Events

2022Feb 04Kovač, Iva and Gert-Jan Schoenmakers. 2022. …or can they ‘be tried to repair’ in Dutch after all? The acceptability of Long Passive constructions in Dutch. Talk at the Grote Taaldag/Dutch Annual Linguistics Day (DALD), Utrecht (virtual).
2022Feb 25Wurmbrand, Susi. TBD. Talk in the UMass Syntax Circle.


Happy Birthday Susi!

Sabine Laszakovits and Zheng Shen published a Festschrift in honour of Susi Wurmbrand, comprising of papers that were inspired by this and the former FWF project.

You can find pictures of the surprise-party and presentation HERE!

Laszakovits, Sabine and Zheng Shen. 2021. The size of things I: Structure building. Language Science Press. LINK

Irina Burukina and Jan Wiślicki will visit us in the forthcoming semesters! They will give (virtual and non-virtual) guest lectures and collaborate with our project members.