Upcoming Talks

2021May 14-16Magdalena Lohninger. Focus on Topic! Talk at the Northwest Linguistics Conference 2021 (NWLC 37, virtual).WEBSITE
2021June 1Susi Wurmbrand. To be announced. Invited talk at the Wiener Sprachgesellschaft, University of Vienna (virtual).WEBSITE
2021May 31 –
June 4
Magdalena Lohninger. An A’/A shift in CP: Connecting Multiple Wh-Movement with Cross-Clausal A-Dependencies. Talk at the Forum on the Formal Typology of A’-Agreement (Move & Agree Forum 2021, virtual).WEBSITE
2021June 4-7Ileana Paul, Jozina Vander Klok, Lisa Travis, Susi Wurmbrand. Crossed control as Voice restructuring. Annual Meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association (CLA, virtual).WEBSITE
Susi Wurmbrand. To be announced. Invited plenary speaker at the Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium (Olinco 2021), Olomouc, Czech Republic.WEBSITE